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Learn the language, discover the culture

To truly understand a language, you need to understand the culture. That's why, as well as teaching traditional Spanish, Mextalki will help you develop your conversational skills with authentic Mexican idioms, phrases, and slang.
With easy-to-follow videos, one-on-one lessons, and conversation clubs four times a week, you'll master speaking Mexican Spanish as well as sharpen your listening skills.

Go beyond traditional Spanish

We tailor our syllabus to fit your needs. So whether you're a beginner or fluent in traditional Spanish, our lessons, videos, and podcasts will help you truly grasp the language and have you speaking in a natural, authentic Mexican dialect!


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Book your trial lesson today, and we'll tailor your syllabus in a way that works for you - helping you become fluent in Spanish while discovering Mexican traditions and culture.

So if you want to learn to speak Spanish the Mexican way, Mextalki is the perfect tutor for you!


What sets us apart from other schools?

Apart from being focused on Mexican Spanish, we want you to compare us with other schools and lessons and check that we are based on results. How can you do it? Take a FREE trial lesson with us once you confirm your email at your registration and see it firsthand.


What we offer

Self-paced Courses

Courses A1-B1

Self-paced courses that range from the very basics to more advanced topics. We currently have 2 courses:

  1.     The learn Spanish from scratch Course – which will guide you from the begginer level until a B1 level – the conversational level. If you’re looking for a syllabus that will take you from zero knowledge to being able to hold a conversation, then this course is for you!
  2.     The Spanish Speaking Course – Designed for intermediate learners who want to improve their conversational skills

Each lesson in the courses contains listening activities, speaking activities, vocabulary, and a test so you can track your progress.


Sharpen your listening skills

Do you want to train your listening skills and learn Mexican vocabulary at the same time? We’ve got your back! Listen to our podcast "Cheleando con Mextalki" and read what we’re saying with our transcript. We have a cool player where you can see what we are saying in highlighted text and listen to it at the same time. 

Discover new ways for saying things in Mexican Spanish, have fun, and get immersed in natural conversations on many topics.

Individual Lessons

one-on-one tailored lessons

Want something more individual and tailored to your needs? Then you can try our lessons with one of our professional teachers who can help you design a plan to reach your language goals. You can decide to have either a 30-minute lesson or a 1-hour lesson. We currently give lessons through zoom and Skype. You can be sure that your education is in good hands! Sign up now and convince yourself.

Conversation Club

4 times a week

A fantastic way to start winning confidence with other students who are also challenging themselves to speak Spanish. During each session, you'll be paired with no more than 3 other students who share a similar level as you. A teacher will be in charge of facilitating the conversation theme, which changes on a weekly basis. You will learn new words and expressions and you will receive grammatical and pronunciation corrections from the teacher while the group listens to your responses.

What Our Students Are Saying About Us


First off, check every folder on your e-mail (some domains might direct automated messages to the spam folder), if you still can’t find it, please, contact us through the WhatsApp button on the bottom right side of the home page.


We offer one on one lessons (30 or 60 min each) with professionals focused on helping you achieve your listening, reading, writing, and conversational goals.

Conversational lessons in small groups are designed specifically to tackle your struggles regarding confidence.

We also offer video-based lessons designed for beginners (A1-A2) or intermediates (B1-B2) with a ton of resources and live conversation practices.

Mostly Zoom but also Skype.

Our Basic, Boost, and Ultra Memberships will give you access to both Beginner and Intermediate Courses, with tests, exercises, and conversational practice. In addition, you’ll gain access to our Conversation Club, held for 1 hour every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This method is excellent for self-driven individuals, who love to learn at their own pace.



No, conversation practices are one on one activities with your professor.

Conversation practices refer to specific subjects seen in any of the modules of your chosen Course or to any other conversation topic you want to focus on – you can decide which topic you want to talk about, whereas Conversation Club’s subject is determined by the teacher in charge of the session.

That is correct, one Seat equals a 1-hour session. The number of seats may vary depending on your Membership.

By contacting us through the WhatsApp button on the bottom right side of the home page, our e-mail (, or our Instagram account (@mextalki).


As long as you have available time on your profile, you can split it any way you want.


Even an A1-A2 English level would be enough to start learning with this method.


Absolutely not. The average time of each course entirely on the learning speed of every person, it also varies due to the use of extra resources you might need to use.


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