Module 7 - Listening Test Module 7

So far YOU have learnt:

  • How to get by in restaurants and bars
  • How to ask for and give information about the food
  • How to speak about your gastronomic habits

Grammar learnt:

  • Impersonal form with "se"
  • Verbs and uses of poner & traer
  • Object Direct Pronouns (lo,la,los,las)

Vocabulary learnt:

  • Meals of the day
  • Food
  • Ways of cooking
  • Typical dishes

It's time to put into practice what you have seen through Module 7. You should be able to understand most of the following video and also be able to produce a similar conversation. We strongly suggest you listen to the video once and try to understand as much as possible. After that, if you still struggle with some parts of the video, look at the transcript.